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Local trattoria
offering local traditional cuisine



Typical cuisine of Romagna, hors d'oeuvres and meat

Trattoria Dal Baffo, our typical meat restaurant in Riccione, offers classic Romagna cuisine, such as Osteria Dal Minestraio, also under our management.
We are located in the countryside, in a beautiful farmhouse with exposed beams, but if you love the sea don't worry: just 1 km away you can enjoy the beach and the blue sea.
At Trattoria Dal Baffo you can discover all the most delicious dishes of our tradition, such as the mythical board of hors d'oeuvres and the local cold cuts.
And more: cold cuts, fresh and mature cheeses, grilled tomino cheese, vegetable strudel, eggplant roulade, roast beef with rocket and parmesan cheese, tender veal and meatballs with peas. Why not also try our tasty tagliatelle, tortellini and passatelli, all typical dishes of our Romagna!
Taste also our second courses: the cockerel and rabbit, cooked in our way, are a real goodness.
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Our History

Good taste, refinement and familiarity: a 50-year journey!

Our story begins back in 1996 when Michele, a chef from Bologna, and Alessandro, a manager from Romagna, met at the Osteria dal Minestraio!
That lightning bolt of understanding hit us so hard and in 2011 we took over as managers of the restaurant!
From that moment the restaurant became our home and we took care of it with so much love and fed it with special delicacies!
We established ourselves with traditional dishes such as appetizers, soups and meat dishes obviously revisited and made unique by Michele's culinary flair.
But then one day we looked at each other and our noggins advised us to give up tradition and start with innovation ... and from that moment on at the Osteria dal Minestraio fish has become the undisputed king of the menu!
But we missed tradition, it never left our hearts and one summer day walking along the banks of the Rio Melo stream we met him, Igor!
Igor had arrived in Romagna to taste and savour the real tradition! In fact, we met him during his rafting session on the Rio Melo waterfalls! :-)
Here came the second realisation dawned on us! And soon Trattoria dal Baffo - Il casolare dal Minestraio - was born!
A unique and authentic culinary journey within the most ancient culinary traditions...
We're waiting for you!
Igor and Michael
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Trattoria Dal Baffo - Il Casolare del Minestraio
Via Piemonte, 1 47838 Riccione
Tel. +39 0541/081047 - +39 327/5382624
E-mail: info@ristorantedalbaffo.net
P.Iva 02880500356 - Privacy Policy

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